The Baton Show Lounge


The Baton Show Lounge celebrated 53 years this past March 2022.  After 50 years in the River North Area of Chicago we are now located at our new location in Uptown,  4713 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640. The Baton is the longest running most prestigious show of its kind in the country and across the globe. The club’s owner, Mr. Jim Flint a native of Peoria, Illinois and a long time resident of Chicago opened the club using beer crates with plywood as a stage, and allowing his creative imagination to take over from there . . . his clubs and entertainers have been pleasing audiences from around the world ever since.


Through the years the Baton has become famous across for presenting the best of the best in the art of female impersonation with its long running review and a cast that carries on the tradition of being ‘The Top of The Nation Revue”. Much credit for the success of the Baton is extended to Irv Kupcinet whose article on the club helped to lead to Jim Flint and the cast appearing on the Phil Donahue show numerous times. Also, Mr. Flint and his cast have made appearances on many other shows such as Maury Povich, Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jenny Jones, E! Entertainment Network, People are Talking, 190 North, Fox Entertainment Network and many more.


Over the years, the walls of the club have seen many special visitor’s including Joan Crawford, Sammy Davis, JR, Carol Channing, Dinah Shore, Kirk Douglas, Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers, Lauren Bacall, Shirley McLaine, Joan Rivers, Tracy Ross, Madonna, Janet Jackson, RuPaul, DaBrat, Tim Curry, Chris Farley and even the Kennedy family security during the 1984 Presidential Election. Many professional athletes have enjoyed the shows including Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley, Jimmy Connors, Gayle Sayers and many, many more.


Today, the Baton has become a favorite tradition for bachelorette parties to celebrate the bride’s last night of freedom. So dress up or dress down . . . just be comfortable and come enjoy the shows at the Baton Show Lounge.

The Jim Flint Story


Jim Flint ... a man with a vision and desire ... JIM FLINT: The Boy From Peoria is a book written by Tracy Bain and Owen Keehnen that documents not only the life of Mr Flint but tells all the details of how the Baton started and the history of the club that is known across the globe. With stories and photos of the numerous entertainers that have performed here through the years but also of the numerous famous and infamous characters that have entered the doors and spent time inside its confines. From the Kennedy's to the Mob bosses .... they've all been here at one time or another.


The book is available for purchase here or on Amazon.Com ... As a youngster growing up in Peoria, Illinois Mr Flint began working at an early age to help support his family as his mother worked two jobs to make ends meet ... with a strong work mentality as he grew so did his dreams. The newly released book "Jim Flint: The Boy From Peoria" tells his story in great detail and his accomplishments through the years ... get your copy today.

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